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4 Steps To A Healthy Oatmeal Recipe | Quick and Easy

Last updated on July 11, 2020

healthy oatmeal recipe

For more info about a Healthy Oatmeal Recipe, you can also download the audio version from the Eating Enlightenment website here to.

Let’s talk about breakfast.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

We hear that, but why? Did some clever cereal company just have a great marketing campaign?

Oftentimes we are rushing out the door trying to get to work on time, we are answering emails as we drink coffee, and we are building up our stress before we even leave the door. Often times this means breakfast is not a priority.

There is simply not enough time.

That’s what we say to ourselves. But it’s not true. Here are a few principles you can use to get breakfast everyday and reap the benefits.

  1. Pick a meal with protein, carbs and good fats
  2. Make sure you genuinely like the taste of the foods
  3. Don’t spend too much time
  4. Understand why breakfast is important – eating regularly prevents binge eating and gives your body fuel

Healthy Oatmeal Recipe Commentary:

As you can see in the video my breakfast is oatmeal, yogurt, nuts, and honey.

Of course you can pick a different meal but I wanted to break down why this is my breakfast.

For starters, I love the full feeling I get from having a double whammy of good fats and proteins. I get these good fats and proteins from the nuts and from the Greek yogurt.

Sometimes fats get a bad rap, but if you eat good fats then you pretty much have nothing to worry about. Here are some ‘good fats’ below:

healthy fats to eat
Yogurt is not seen in this picture but yogurt, without tons of sugar, is a good idea.

In previous videos I have recommended trying to shoot for three macro-nutrients but settling for two. For my breakfast, my third macro-nutrient is whole grains or carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates also have a lot of baggage with them. There’s tons of diets out there low in carbohydrates.

I didn’t show this on the video, but I only sprinkle a little bit of oatmeal in my bowl. This is a very healthy oatmeal recipe! Probably around a quarter cup. It’s not that much, but with the water it expands.

So I am getting three macro nutrients – proteins, good fats and carbohydrates.

Side note – I am also using 100% whole wheat stuff.

I also use 100% whole wheat foodstuffs for bread as well.

Generally speaking, 100% whole wheat is actually more unprocessed than something that is just called whole wheat, just FYI.

This covers the first principle, but we also have to be sure that we enjoy our food.

Often times taste and the joy of food is sacrificed at the altar of health. We hear phrases like “eat to live, don’t live to eat” and believe that food should be a medicine.

While it’s true that we want food to fuel us up, we would be falling into a trap if we limited ourselves to believing health and taste are contradictory.

In my perspective, adding a little bit of sugar to some foods to make them taste better is fine. When I am more satisfied, I just eat less overall.

In other videos where I make eggs and toast and avocado you’ll see that I load up on tons of delicious salsa which gives my other meals additional flavor that I enjoy!

And of course there is the principle of not spending too much time.

work life balance

Cuz honestly a healthy oatmeal recipe is one you use frequently, which means it doesn’t take too much time!

Time is important. You know that. Don’t spend too much time on breakfast! Yogurt and fruit can be a great alternative. Yogurt, nuts, and fruit – bam! Great alternative.

Next step.

The next principal is just being clear on why breakfast is important, especially if you are struggling with overeating and have a lot of responsibilities on your plate.

The tendency I see working with people is that most people self-sacrifice a lot.

This mentality of sacrifice is taught to little kids, and often times this means we believe are hunger is not a priority.

We simply forget to eat during the busy stress of the day, or we hear our belly rumbling and ignore it.

Now previously, you may have tried to stop binge eating by eating more regularly and failed.

So why should this time be any different?

Well for starters, I want to tell you the truth.

Eating regularly will help you reduce your chaotic cravings, but there are more pieces to the stop binge eating puzzle than just eating regularly.

Here are 5 pieces to the puzzle which I made in a comprehensive post to stop binge eating.

For me, I used to not eat enough during the weekdays, and then when I would have a break on the weekends I would eat way too much and feel uncomfortably full.

I knew I should be eating more regularly, or at least I knew I should be eating last on the weekends, but I didn’t have the whole picture.

Because I didn’t have the whole picture, I didn’t see results, and because I didn’t see results I stopped trying to eat regularly and continue to binge eating.

However, once I got into mindfulness and some other trainings, then I began to put the pieces together where I really did change my eating habits and part because of the emotional techniques, but also because of the trainings in this video today – by simply eating more food more regularly.

So let me know your thoughts!

What are your favorite breakfast meals you eat before rushing out the door?

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