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What’s The Purpose Of A Vision Board?

Last updated on April 12, 2020

You can also download the audio version from the Eating Enlightenment website here, if you want to understand more about what’s the purpose of a vision board.

Have you ever created a vision board before but eventually forgot about your vision board?

Maybe you got really excited one day to manifest your vision, but a few months go by and you stop looking at your vision board and forget about it.

This is pretty common and it’s happened to me a fair amount of the time.

But, in the last few years or so, I’ve stumbled upon 4 powerful principles which keeps my motivation high, and my vision board a central part of my life.

These principles are:

  1. Put your vision board somewhere where you’ll see it.
  2. Update your vision board.
  3. Use pictures and words.
  4. Don’t Spend Too Much Time – You don’t have to spend tons of time absorbing your vision board, but just glancing at it and getting a little emotional reminder about your purpose does the trick.

Here’s my vision board belo!

weight loss mindfulness

What’s The Purpose Of A Vision Board Commentary:

So for me, my vision board is on my toilet. This helps me shift my attention.

This is a little embarrassing but there is something very grounding about taking a poop. I’m sitting down, and my bowel movements make it easy for me to get connected to my body.

Behind me on the toilet is my vision board.

Now I have done previous videos about habits and the power of being triggered. I can totally tell you that my bathroom acts as a trigger for me to look at my vision board. There’s something conducive about the bathroom. Like what else am I going to do on the toilet?

Just watch videos? What if I grabbed the division board behind me and stared at it for a few seconds. Isn’t this a better use of time instead of watching yet another YouTube video?

I’ve had my vision board in my room, on my desk, and on my wall – but the bathroom has worked by far the best. I also write on my vision board.

Sometimes when I sit on the toilet I have a thought that something important is missing.

stop stress eating

This is what’s the purpose of a vision board, to easily remind you of what’s important.

On my vision board right now for example there are several notes where I say things like “speak honestly”. And speaking honestly is becoming something that’s more and more true than my heart.

I don’t mean that I’m dishonest, but I’m realizing what it actually means to speak honestly. So this is something I’m trying to do more, to speak really from my heart, and to not say anything if it’s not from my heart.

Now if you notice too, I have an image of a heart.

I put images of the various things that are meaningful to me. I also put images for the various things I want in life.

For example I’m currently working on helping people transform their eating habits, and if people transform their eating habits, then I know that their bodies will also transform – so I’ve put images of people changing their bodies on my vision board.

In fact here is another post where I describe my guiding philosophy in how I help people, and my origin story.

And as a result of helping people change their eating habits and bodies, I want my message and philosophies to be top ranked on Google. This will enable me to have a freedom lifestyle where I can travel with financial freedom.

weight loss san jose

But that’s not all.

I also have images of relationships and symbols that relate to who I am and who I want to evolve into.

Finally, I really embrace this new teaching where I just spend a few seconds glancing at the vision board just to get a little reminder of who I am and where I want to go.

Previously I would spend a lot of time trying to absorb the vision board and really try to visualize.

But, the problem with that was I’d stop visualizing after a week or so. It took too much time.

So just doing a little glance and having a little reminder has been helpful.

Basically I lowered my standards in a more realistic way. Yet lowering my standards isn’t perhaps the right phrase.

Perhaps the right phrase is not being a perfectionist. I’ve been more real about who I am and what I want to be, and perhaps that’s the whole point of using a board.

Let me know your thoughts. What are your dreams and aspirations?

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