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3 Steps To Tell If You Are Actually Hungry Or Just Stressed Out

Last updated on July 11, 2020

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment

How to tell if you are hungry?

How to tell if you are genuinely hungry

You can also download the audio version about How To Tell If You Are Hungry here.

Today we’re going to be talking about hunger and building on previous lessons.

So the big picture is that we want to feel hunger just like we feel our emotions and later on in the video will explore the difference between our emotions and actual physical hunger in your belly.

Here are the 3 overall phases:

1- Uproot limiting beliefs you have about hunger – if you are afraid to get hungry or if getting hungry makes you feel threatened in someway you have to get over these beliefs.

2 – Discern gradual versus instant hunger – Hunger builds over time. You must feel hunger and understand gradual ‘good’ hunger is okay. Emotional eating occurs when ‘all of a sudden’ you are hungry for food. This is false hunger.

3 – Don’t go too long without food – if you go more than 5 hours without eating any substantial meal you will be at significant risk of binge eating or emotional eating

healthy eating cycle

How To Tell If You Are Hungry Commentary:

Before we explore hunger and the sensations in our body around hunger, we need to talk about our beliefs around hunger and what hunter actually is.

Because I was talking to a woman who felt that hunger actually was a sign she was becoming light-headed.

Her associations, her beliefs around hunger was hunger was an indication she was about to get light-headed and not feel good. All of this gets talked about in Intuitive Eating.

And this is the typical experience for many people.

Hunger is the calling card for an emotional eating attack.


It’s almost like a cause and effect relationship. Where if you feel hunger then a binge eating attack where your left bloated and feeling horribly guilty is the results.

Cause and effect.

Who wouldn’t be afraid of hunter? And while it’s true that disorder needing an emotional eating outbreaks can occur in the absence of hunger, today’s videos about hunger.

So that’s where we’re focusing and we’re really trying to understand how people become disconnected from hunger and how to reconnect with hunger.

The reason people disconnecting are afraid of hunger, is because it’s associated with binge eating.

I wrote a post about habit stacking. Usually habit stacking is thought of in a positive way, like an upward spiral. You brush your teeth and shower, two good things happen together.

But bad things also happen. Negative energy can also cause habit stacking, but bad habit stacking. When you fail at dieting, you wrongly conclude it’s your fault. This habitual way of thinking can permeate everywhere.

If you want to read another article about this, read my views here.

So she was always snacking on foods to avoid feeling hunger

And one of the things will explore later is the difference between bad hunger and good hunger. Especially discovering what bad hunger feels like, as opposed to what good hunger feels like.

But first of all we need to clarify what are your beliefs around hunger.

On your screen during the video, you’ll see some questions pop up that will prompt you about what hunger is and what your beliefs are around it.

After you’ve explored your beliefs, it’s time to think about situations where hunger is good. Now this is much different as opposed to situation for hunger as bad.

I think we can all agree that if we go for too long without eating, our hunger feels bad. It’s urgent.

There’s an unpleasant quality to this and it can even be painful.

Often times this is all we think about when we think about hunger.

Our mind goes back to those moments when we are starving. This is when we think that we hate hunger, that we need to manage hunger.

And often times because hunger comes right before a binge, we begin to associate hunger within cheating.

So we need to understand all these things and then really concentrate on the physical effects of hunger. Especially how hunger feels.

Take a look at the images in the video, these describe the stages of hunger pretty well.

Then let me know what you think!

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment

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