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How I Overcame Fear Of Public Speaking In Toastmaster’s

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Last updated on April 12, 2020

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment

You can also download the audio version from the Eating Enlightenment website here.

Here is my origin story!

I had a blast giving this speech to an audience of about 20-30 people.

All these youtube videos I’m making are giving me tons of public speaking practice, so this was a lot of fun.

I even got a lot of compliments afterwards on my storytelling ability, which I had never heard before.

It was fun to reflect because years ago I used to participate in Toastmaster’s. I even became an officer. Yet life got busy, my passion dwindled, and I forgot about public speaking.

Yet when trying to grow a business, life happens as well. It’s tough.

And so when the tough times get tough, the tough people get going.

But, I’m not some hulk either. I have enough compassion and self-awareness to know my willpower is pretty low.

I knew that growing a business I would have to rely on my strengths – I would have to overcome fear of public speaking.

Funnily enough, being a good public speaker is one of my strengths, despite my definite preference towards introversion.

So it was a real surprise and an absolute delight when people at the end of the speech congratulated me on my speech!

Me, a good storyteller?! No way!

In this picture I am giving a different speech but still, I felt powerful up there for my first public story sharing about myself!

I actually did a really good job, despite my expectations!

One of things that made this public speech fun though was me sharing my story from the lens of the hero’s journey.

This myth, and just really appreciating Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, has played a integral role about how I think about myself.

To be honest, I only had an hour to prepare for this speech.

So before preparation I just thought to myself, “Ok, I only have 1 hour to prepare so what are some true stories that I can share with people?”

And here’s what was the result, for my ‘icebreaker’ speech at Toastmasters.

The Icebreaker speech is for people giving their first speech at a toastmasters club.

The rule of thumb is that you’re going to make a lot of mistakes because this is your first speech.

But this wasn’t my first speech and I’m pretty sure I shocked some people!

It’s all because I had a growth mindset – that’s how I overcame fear of public speaking.

In fact, this is very off topic, but I got to see some kids working on their school projects. I hadn’t been in school for years, but I saw these kids working and was astounded when I saw they were all on computers.

And the peculiar thing, was these computers were giving lessons on Growth Mindsets. The kids were learning Growth Mindset on their computers!

Want to know more about Growth Mindset, here’s another article I mine I wrote which dives deep. Enjoy!

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment

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