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What’s The Most Important Skill To Stop Binge Eating?

Last updated on April 14, 2021

Body Awareness. You mean like yoga?

You can also download the audio version from the Eating Enlightenment website here.

Today we’re talking about interoceptive awareness, or body awareness.

This skill and principal is the most important way we will reduce binge eating and transform or eating habits.

This skill alone essentially cured my binge eating.

I had been a disordered eater and this skill essentially normalized my eating.

Now I still struggled for years with a weed addiction, so I don’t want to say this skill will solve all your problems in terms of eating, but just know that this skill right here can be tremendously powerful, especially in terms of eating and especially if you have a background in traditional dieting.

There are a few key points about interoceptive awareness that I’ll talk about in today’s video.

These Body Awareness points are:

  1. Definition
  2. Why Important
  3. Goal
  4. Practical Exercise
  5. Apply Daily To Your Life
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Body Awareness Commentary:

The first point is definition, what is body awareness?

The second point is, body awareness is important because it reconnects you to your common humanity and gets you out of your head.

The third point is the goal of body awareness which is to allow yourself to feel without becoming ungrounded.

The fourth point is a practical exercise I’ll lead you through.

And the 5th is how you can begin to practically practice body awareness in your everyday life. Are you ready?

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Okay let’s get started about Body Awareness.

First the definition of interoceptive awareness.

To me when I hear the word interoceptive, I think “in” and I also think “septic” which is kind of like a putrid sounding word but septic tanks … you got to go down underneath and it gets a little dirty.

And so interoceptive awareness is the awareness that’s happening beneath your skin in, and like really, beneath your skin.

There’s all these different things like hunger and fullness and all of your emotions from anger to sadness they all occur under and within your skin in your body.

So that’s the definition and how it relates to body awareness.

The second point is why interoceptive awareness or body awareness is important and I cover it in the video.

But it’s important because it reconnects you to your common humanity, and it gets you out of your head.

So dieters and people coming from a background of you dieting and traditional weight loss, they often times get stuck in their head.

They are used to following a plan and using their scale to measure success.

But this question right here by asking yourself “what is happening in my body right now?”

This question what is happening in my body right now brings you back into your body it gets you out of your head.

And when you are out of your head and in your body, in your heart feeling your emotions, you actually reconnect to a part of you.

This part of you is what makes you human.

And third the goal of this, the goal of reconnecting to the emotions which make you human, is so that you can feel these emotions without becoming ungrounded.

And it’s really important that you see this body awareness as a skill.

When you first begin to pure under the hood and look at these emotions, It might be a little it’s going to be a little weird and that’s okay.

You might get overwhelmed sometimes.

That’s okay don’t beat yourself up. But the goal is first to be able to feel all the emotions, and understand them, without becoming ungrounded.

What is becoming ungrounded mean, it means you get too stressed out or you get two overwhelmed and you go to food to make the emotion go away.

So first we want to find out what where the motion is in our body and then we want to allow ourselves to feel it without getting overwhelmed.

enjoy emotional eating

And now for the practical exercise… Just watch me and listen okay.

So now going forward we’re just going to wrap this up by giving you two questions which totally consolidate interoceptive awareness and body awareness.

There’s question as I said earlier is what am I feeling now in my body where am I feeling it.

So this is half the battle of body weirdness, and the second half of the bottle of body awareness is understanding these emotions.

So you might need to practice at this, no scratch that, you will need to practice at this, and that’s okay but the second question is asking “what do I need right now?”

Now I realize things can get confusing. I made a post about worst case scenarios, where you get bodily cravings while high on weed. How do you handle it then? Read this article to learn more.

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