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Is Sugar Addictive Really As Addictive As Marijuana?

Last updated on April 9, 2020

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment

Do you believe sugar is addictive, or yourself to be a food or sugar addict?

Or, do you believe in food or sugar addiction, generally speaking?

Please don’t take this post as a personal attack …

But in this post I detail:

  1. why science studies showing sugar addiction in rats all flawed
  2. why sugar and food addiction appear to be real but are not actually real
  3. how I used to think I was a marijuana addict but now I don’t

The short answer is deprivation causes cravings. Once you give into cravings, you erroneously conclude you are a sugar addict. However, the deprivation caused the cravings in the first place. You were deprived.

For example – rats can become addicted to cocaine. But rats in scientific studies that become addicted to cocaine are lacking in basic resources like companionship.

Rats that have plenty of room, mates, good light, and food options never become addicted to cocaine.

The same is true is humans.

I have used these principles to end my struggle with weed and binge eating after years of thinking I was an addict. It’s not that I don’t smoke, although my smoking is less than it ever has been. The main thing is that I’m not battling myself anymore around weed.

It’s not the tug of war on the back of my mind, even when I am not smoking weed. It’s not a battle. So, yeah, that is really nice lol.

So … these concepts work. They are untraditional as f*** but I guess that’s the whole point of eating enlightenment.

get over an obsession

Because the truth is … the claim that Sugar Is Addictive is false.

For the scientific studies I mention in the video, I have provided pictures and links at this link here:

In-depth commentary about my journey from weed addict to normalcy:

This is a controversial topic and reasonable, rational people can disagree.

With that being said, however, I am also speaking from some personal experience as well as scientific evidence.

Let me tell you my basic story with weed real quick before we get into the principles:

Started smoking everyday in college. Kept going for years, although not daily.

Would stop smoking weed for months, but then get back into it for months.

For years I thought I was a semi-addict. I was extremely stressed at work and was stress eating. Then I’d come home and smoke weed.

I never called or thought of myself as a true addict, but I also was aware that I probably had some dependency issues around weed.

I started studying my relationship with weed.

And I would try to understand why I smoke, what is my emotional state, what it actually feels like, and to really notice the energy … particularly BEFORE I smoked … what was I feeling in my body.

After studying these facets for some time, not too long, I realized I was using weed to cope with feelings of loneliness and boredom.

This realization came along side my parallel journey through therapy.

mindful eating

In therapy I was also learning about and starting to really appreciate the utmost importance of self-care.

So I was starting to take care of myself a lot better during this time.

There were two things I started doing more of in particular.

These two things are necessary to understand why the claim sugar is addictive is false.

First – I started finding different social groups and making a sincere effort to not stop until I found groups where I belong.

I knew that feeling like I belonged was the key because then I would go consistently.

If I went consistently, I would make friends. If I made friends, I wouldn’t be as lonely.

During this time I’m also learning more about how to connect with people and myself via therapy and various self-development activities like journaling, meditation, reading, etc.

Second – I start getting better, more regular sleep.

the middle way

For years I had battled sleep and now I was finally committed to it.

A few key insights around sleep –

(and I know this write-up is going off topic but I am in a flow right now so I’m going with it)

For sleep you need to wind down. Previously I would just try to get to back when I needed to sleep without winding down.

But now I realize I need to start winding down before going to bed. This might sound obvious, but for me it wasn’t, and it made a big difference.

So I start getting better sleep and making more friends, and I try this unconditional smoking thing.

For about a week or two I smoked nearly everyday.

I gave myself full permission and trusted that my body would adjust if I let my desires be acted upon. This is why

So, the key is that I was taking care of myself, I wasn’t out of balance.

Side note: it isn’t just me saying the claim sugar is addictive is false. There’s an article here by interviewing various health professionals who call BS on sugar addiction.

Then I gave myself full permission. And I smoked, a lot.

It was great …

But then …

Something changed.

Weed became like cereal.

Something I’ve had all my life.

I suddenly would find myself lonely and depressed (yup, still go through bouts of those) but I didn’t want weed.




A few weeks go by and then I think I’m over weed for good.

Yet then out of nowhere the cravings pop-up again, so … I’m scared. Am I still an addict?

But I trust myself. I allow myself to smoke.

The cravings don’t last as long, I get over weed again.

More times goes by. Another craving comes up. I give myself permission, and quicker than ever the cravings are gone.

This pattern continues today.

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment

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