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What Do I Need To Eat To Be Healthy? 2 Simple Tips

Last updated on July 11, 2020

What Do I Need To Eat To Be Healthy?

This post focuses on 2 modern health tips to answer this common question.

  1. How Plate Theory and ‘Green Face’ give you reliable guidelines to nutrition
  2. Why shifting from ‘Need To Eat’ to ‘Like To Eat’ is the key to long-term success

Plate Theory – 1 plate per meal. Each plate is divided into 3 parts. Carbs, veggies, and protein.

Need Versus Like – ‘Need’ implies pressure. Pressure leads to short term adherence but ultimately pressure leads to rebellion. ‘Like’ implies joy and pleasure. Humans are motivated by pleasure and for longer periods of time.

Commentary on What Do I Need To Eat To Be Healthy?

It’s no secret!

Unfortunately :/

No. I do not have a magic bullet for you.

You have probably heard these things before.

However, the point I am trying to make here …

Is that these are the ONLY 2 rules you need.

  1. Plate theory
  2. green face

Essentially it comes down to these two things.

(except in the case of food allergens or dietary restrictions like vegetarianism, which are important topics into themselves but not addressed in this video)

I did another video on these two principles, especially homecooking, titled ‘Healthy Homestyle Cooking Mindful Intuitive Event in South Bay Area’ which you can view here.

get over an obsession

Plate theory refers to eating a variety of foods from different food groups AT EACH MEAL.

This is important.

See, you get food cravings oftentimes because you have a NUTRITIONAL deficiency.

For example, say that you eat eggs for breakfast.

Eggs are great. I love eggs 🙂

So you get your protein, but you are missing out on your carbs and veggies.

Yet your body needs minerals, vitamins, etc …

And just eggs alone don’t contain all these ingredients.

So …

Your belly craves more nutrients.

This to you feels like a craving.

So you are at work and you aren’t exactly hungry … but you have this craving…

You are fairly full because you had eggs, but you have this craving …

So you eat donuts because every friggin’ work place has donuts. Why???!?

So now you have donuts and eggs and you are plenty full …

But your stomach STILL hasn’t gotten the nutrients it needs.

So you still have a craving in your belly.

“What the hell?” you think to yourself.

“What’s wrong with me?”

And all this confusion starts happening. What Do I Need To Eat To Be Healthy?

When in reality …

All you needed was to eat a balanced meal!

Now what about green face?

What does that mean?

So far we have covered the importance of variety and eating different types of foods at each meal.

Pretty simple, so far?

If you have any questions just comment and I’ll answer.

But what about this ‘green face’ thingy?

Well… just imagine my face like The Hulk!


Ok so now you have an image of green face … lol …

Let’s dive in:

Green face basically means NATURAL FOODS.

What do you mean natural?

Well …

Thousands of years ago there wasn’t anything processed.

But how do you know if something is processed or not?

Don’t veggies come in plastic bags?

why do diets fail

Veggies are natural but plastic bags aren’t, how do I tell? What Do I Need To Eat To Be Healthy?

Veggies are fine.

The container doesn’t matter so much, like the plastic wrapping, don’t worry about that in terms of nutrition.

What we are focusing on here is giving you the ability to choose healthy foods.

So far you need to choose a variety of healthy foods according to plate theory, but which foods?

Well …

Any food as long as it existed on planet earth 10,000 years ago, before modern technology.

For example, let’s say you know you need veggies, carbs and protein.

Veggies – herbalife pills or kale?

Protein – meatballs or chicken?

Carbs – Fig bar or whole wheat bread?

stop stress eating

Correct answers are …

Veggies – Kale. Herbalife pills, athletic greens, etc … these do not exist in nature! They didn’t exist 10000 years ago.

Protein – Chicken. Meatballs didn’t exist in nature naturally!

Carbs – Whole wheat bread – fig bars didn’t exist in nature naturally.

Okay, so natural foods, why the green face analogy?

The ‘green’ refers to plants and legumes and fruits that grew naturally.

The ‘face’ refers to meats and animal products that occurred naturally.

And a quick note about bread because bread technically speaking didn’t exist 10000 years ago.

But wheat did.

Wheat grew.

You can have whole wheat products. A whole wheat product will say Whole Wheat.

I hesitate going into reading health labels because labels can honestly cause more harm then the benefits they give.

But …

Wheat should be the first ingredient on the ingredient list. Sometimes you buy ‘wheat’ bread buy the first ingredient says enriched corn flour … and it’s a bunch of baloney!

When a label however says ‘100% Wheat’ then you know the food product is legit.

Okay that’s all for today, let me know any other questions you might have. Leave a comment!

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