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How To Get Rid Of Obsessive Food Thoughts Without Thinking Too Hard – Milpitas

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Last updated on July 11, 2020

This week’s theme has been Getting Rid of Obsessive Food Thoughts.

This topic is important because oftentimes the intrusive nature of food thoughts doesn’t get talked about.

Heck, struggles with food rarely get talked about anyways …

But the intrusiveness of thoughts, in particular, sometimes goes unnoticed.

Aren’t your thoughts, after all, supposed to be under your control?

I can vividly remember feeling like my shame thoughts were attacking me. 

If I did the slightest thing wrong …

If I said something awkward …

BAM!! I would be viciously attacked by my thoughts to no end. Me fighting them just made things worse.

Because this topic is important, I’ve prepared a training video for you here

Now I’ll also be having a free workshop training tomorrow (Saturday) at 1pm. We’ll be meeting at the Northside Branch Library in Group Study Room 1.

Last week during the meetup we talked a bit about stress eating

And now tomorrow we’ll be exploring get-rid-of-food-anxiety techniques and creating action plans so that you can overcome obsessive food thoughts in your real life.

So either way, check out this week’s training video to learn how to stop anxious food thoughts from dominating your life!

(It’s a bit longer video … so be prepared to take notes … or skip through the first 10 minutes where I provide context)

Your Weight Loss Eating Coach,
Jared Levenson

PS – Hope to see you tomorrow at 1pm. If you have any questions just hit ‘reply’ here or shoot me a text 614-385-3455

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