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What To Eat When Depressed And Not Hungry | 3 Tips

Last updated on July 11, 2020

I’m writing this post to cover what to eat when depressed and not hungry because my friend is going through a hard time.

She’s not eating. Have you ever been there before?

I know I have. Heck, I still struggle with bouts of depression.

But here’s the basic answer – eat fruit.

Don’t like fruit? Too sugary?

Eat something that you do like. Anything. As long as it tastes good.

This food should be something you like the flavor of.

Why flavorful? Because you need to eat.

You won’t eat a big meal. Heck, you won’t even eat. But something tasty in your mouth, you can do that.

Something small and tasty is a little step you can take towards feeling better.

By eating, you’ll feel better too. A lil. And that’s the key. A lil.

how do you know if you have an eating disorder

And the blog post is here addressing the question ‘can stress make you not eat?’

Oftentimes when you’re sad you know you SHOULD eat.

But tell me, how many times do you actually FEEL like eating?

Sadness takes away your hunger so quick.

You. Just. Don’t. Feel. Like. Eating.

The last thing on your mind is Thanksgiving Dinner, am I right?

However, this is a Depression Food Trap!

This is where you think you either a) Eating Too Much or b) Eating Too Little

Now truth be told, you might be eating too little.


There is a third option (which I mentioned above but am providing more context too now)

Something small and tasty that you like to eat.

Of course, you might be thinking if you are mindful, ‘but small isn’t enough?’

And you’re right. Small isn’t enough.

But by eating something small and tasty that you like to eat, you can …

attuned eating

1) get the ball rolling
2) care for yourself
3) kickstart your metabolism and hunger

Exercise: what to eat when depressed and not hungry

Go ahead and try this. If you need a food list read here.

Or, even better, give this advice to a friend. You never know who has an eating disorder.

It’s simple, straightforward, and can make a difference.

Then, leave a comment here and let me know how your doing on your journey. I wish you the best.

You can also begin the journey of eating intuitively 🙂

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