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New Year’s Resolution 101: How To Stick To A Diet in 3 Steps So You Never Give Up

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How to stick to a diet is impossible if you aren’t thinking the right way.

That’s why you must think different.

Here’s how you can start to think different –

Instead of ‘following’ a diet …

You must …

  • play
  • choose
  • create
  • own

Your own diet.

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How To Stick To A Diet

Now, a traditional diet like keto is a good place to start.

You could start with low carb, high protein, paleo etc.

It doesn’t really matter.

Because whatever diet you pick, that diet is just a ‘guideline’.

The diet is not meant to be followed 100%.

When you try to follow something 100% of the time, you end up failing inevitably.

Then you overeat when you fail.

Instead, you must practice these three steps:

  1. practice
  2. listen to feedback
  3. learn
mindful eating

This way every attempt you make on the diet you learn.

You learn what works and what doesn’t work. And then you adapt.

Eventually you will binge or emotionally eat or overeat or eat bad.

This is to be expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After you ‘fail’ at eating healthy, then you must reflect and learn.

Then after you reflect and learn, it’s time to practice again with a different version of the diet.

Each time you go through this cycle, your diet will change slightly.

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