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Why I Never Feel Hungry? What’s Wrong With Me?

Last updated on July 11, 2020

I never feel hungry what’s wrong with me?

Nothing. The answer is stress…

And there is a workaround.

First you must understand stress eating. For another video on this topic I made you can click here to watch:

Stress eating makes your stomach shut down. That’s why you never feel hungry but there’s nothing wrong with you.

food cravings you mind as well enjoy it

You must notice that you are stressed too.

Chronic low grade stress is something that many people are used to.

You may be experiencing chronic low grade stress. This kills your hunger.

You may feel that you aren’t hungry and can’t eat when stressed.

This is mostly true but there is a workaround.

The workaround is putting food to your mouth that you genuinely like.

If you are hungry you will eat the food, even if you are not hungry.

This is one of my key mindsets that you must understand!

Here is another post on this very issue! “Oh-Why Oh-Why Am I Craving Sweets All Of A Sudden And Losing Control Yet Again?

Podcast episode: I Never Feel Hungry What’s Wrong With Me

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