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2 Ways To Resist The Urge To Eat

Last updated on April 11, 2020

Eating Enlightenment348
Eating Enlightenment

How to resist the urge to eat is like stopping a volcano from exploding. This analogy comes from your San Jose Eating Disorder Treatment coach who is nowhere close to a volcano!

A volcano builds pressure over time to explode.

Likewise, the urge to eat is 50% physical and 50% emotional.

If you are not hungry, but you still have the urge to eat, this means there is pressure building up in your life.

The pressure is causing you to want to eat, even though you are not hungry.

Oftentimes we eat because food tastes good and distracts us from the pressure.

So how do you stop a volcano from exploding?

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How to resist the urge to eat

You release the pressure before it explodes in binge eating!

In this video I explore a major way you can reduce the pressure is by:

1) finding a trusted friend to talk to
2) and wisely expressing your emotions

You don’t want to dump all your emotions on your friend.

But you can dump some.

Just don’t go on and on without taking into consideration your friend’s feelings.

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Eating Enlightenment348
Eating Enlightenment

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