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Rethink How To Lose Weight Fast

Last updated on May 24, 2021

This losing weight fast approach is dangerous …

Because then you think in a mechanical way.

You think …

  • Just eat less
  • Or, just count calories
  • Just exercise more

I see the myth of more exercise very frequently. This is basically the homework approach.

Do your weight loss homework … go to the gym …

I’ve been helping people lose naturally for years and it’s amazing to me how many people try to lose weight by exercising more.

They are in weight loss homework mode!

But be prepared for real weight loss homework.

Because here’s the dirty math. Put on your thinking cap and bear with me for a few simple weight loss math equations.

why do diets fail

Question 1:

Do you want to spend 30 hours of intense exercise to lose 1lb?

Think about. 30 hours in the gym running. 1 lb lost.

That’s 1.5 hours per day 5 days a week for a month.

Every single week day evening for a month you just exercise.

At the end you lose 1 lb.

You want that? If so, go ahead and exercise to lose weight.

It’ll take you 300 hours to lose 10 lbs.

Good luck. You can read more in this Vox article backed up by 60 studies here.

get over an obsession

I give this example because many a time people have an overly simply way of thinking about weight loss.

They are in weight loss homework mode and need to rethink!

So how do you start to rethink how to lose weight fast?

Here’s what people are missing:


Let’s start by having a conversation about hunger.

Because so many people are concentrating on nutrition and exercise they miss the fundamental point.

This fundamental point is what Weight Loss Enlightenment is about.

WLE is about realizing you have the answers WITHIN you.

And it all starts with your hunger.

Because in America, we love to overeat.

In fact, I am working with a guy right now who loves to be full!

He loves going out, loves having fun and loves getting delicious food at restaurants.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

You might be in the same boat.

You like food.

how do you know if you have an eating disorder

Heck, you might even get a little defensive when I start talking about food.

But rest assured …

Weight Loss Enlightenment is about non-judgment.

So let’s change the way we approach hunger. Let’s rethink.

First of all, you may mentally use this hunger scale developed by Geneen Roth here.

1: I am absolutely starving
2-4: I am hungry and need to re-energize.
5-7: I still have energy and I feel satisfied. I don’t need food right now.
8-9: I am over-full. I can feel that I’m uncomfortable and beginning to get sleepy. It’s time to loosen that belt, and definitely time to stop eating. I probably didn’t need that last helping.
10: I way over-ate, roll me out of here and into my bed, please.

Every few minutes into your meal just yourself where you are at on the scale.

Remember, you want to eat to the point where food is giving you pleasure and energy.

But at a certain point, food will start to lose it’s taste, feel bad, and just be EXTRA WASTE.

So here’s what to think next:

Think to yourself:

  • I will taste this again
  • Or, I can have more if I want
  • I can leave food on my plate, its ok
  • Gorging actually isn’t good

Remember, it’s okay to leave food on your plate. You don’t have to fall for the diet industry delusion.

However, you need to see through the mental paradigm you are in.

If you grew up poor and food was scarce, realize that now you can have more if you want.

It’s okay to leave food on your plate.

Realize the gorging not only isn’t healthy …


So pay attention.

Trust me, get out of your normal paradigm.

how to lose weight fast
Slow down there. Let’s really talk about this dangerous mentality

How to lose weight fast … dangerous mentality!

Is the wrong question.

I’m sorry, but asking how to lose weight quickly is setting you up for failure.



Here’s an example:

However, BMI is commonly touted as a good weight loss goal.

But BMI doesn’t distinguish between fat and muscle! BMI is too simple!!
Asking how to lose weight fast means you are thinking too simply.

I don’t mean this to be insulting. It’s totally common question.

But I urge you to … Pause. Breathe. Don’t panic. Calm your body.

You aren’t going to die anytime soon, contrary to what health professionals may be implying.

If your weight has you stressing, reduce the stress and be patient so you can think more clearly.

I know this is tough.

But has weight loss failed you before?

If so then you to go slow and take your time elsewise you fail again.

Here is another video about Shifting Your Mindset Around Weight Loss –…

You can read another post about surprising weight loss for keto right here.

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  1. It was really interesting to me when you mentioned that losing weight too quickly can be dangerous. Would it be a good idea to have a bariatric procedure performed if you have a lot of weight that you are trying to lose? As far as I know, a bariatric procedure can help your body require less food which can help you lose weight.

    1. Hey Henry! So I’m not for or against bariatric. I think it can be useful. BUT!!!!

      I think to truly eat healthy, a person NEEDS to look at their emotional relationship with food.

      I think if the ‘relationship’ with food is missed, then nothing will truly solve the problem.

      But bariatric and healing relationship with food can go together. I just don’t think bariatric is the total answer.

  2. Simple and crisp information you have provided in this article. what I love about this article is that you have presented the mental aspect of it. how our mindset can affect the way we see food and consume it. Loved it

  3. Simple and crisp information you have provided in this article. what I love about this article is that you have presented the mental aspect of it. how our mindset can affect the way we see food and consume it. Loved it.

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