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Intuitive Eating A Revolutionary Approach That Works with Erika Salaman

Last updated on April 28, 2020

Here is just a quick snippet from the conversation with Erika, an expert on Intuitive Eating.

(There’s also a transcript below for quick viewing)

I feel this brief conversation really exemplifies the revolutionary approach of Intuitive Eating!!!

Erika has been through this journey herself and really knows the whole path!!

She’s able to flip the script about what you get out of Intuitive Eating …

By saying let go of weight loss, it’s inconsequ

To watch our whole conversation, visit this post here: https://eatingenlightenment.com/2…

Intuitive Eating A Revolutionary Approach That Works with Erika 1-Min Transcript

Erika >> “And I would say to anyone that is interested in intuitive eating. It’s, you know, it’s this process that it doesn’t just end with eating ‘right’.

It’s kind of what we were saying in the middle of our little podcast. It’s not just about the food.

It starts there, but then it begins to open your life and other areas that just create this amazing acceptance of everything. Right?

You know, where you’re at in the present moment and it’s invaluable. It creates a happiness and a joy and the satisfaction with life that is so much better than losing a few pounds, honestly. Right?”

Jared – “Yeah. Yeah.”

Erika – “The satisfaction you get with life when you become an intuitive eater and incorporate more of an intuitive aspect to your life. Like, the weight is just so inconsequential compared to this.”

Erika’s website can be found here: https://salamannutrition.com

She also works with people remotely too 🙂