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Why Weight Loss Makes You Light Headed

Last updated on March 30, 2021

I just spoke with a guy today about Weight Loss Light Headed feelings.

He came in and said something fairly typical:

“I’m trying to eat healthier. My doctor said I should eat less carbs and eat more vegetables. But I get light headed at night and can’t stop eating.”

His question to me was straightforward – how do I stop the light headed feelings?

I thought I’d answer his question, in this post today, in which you’ll learn:

  • Tunnel Vision Mistake: How Most People Overfocus On Cravings
  • Understand The 3 Forces of Cravings With Examples
  • Why You Must Avoid The Deprivation Setup

Am I experiencing Weight Loss Light Headed Ness?

Here was this guy’s typical day. He’d start with a quick breakfast, usually fastfood on the way to work.

He’d then hustle and bustle, grind and sweat life out.

He’d eat during the day.

But he kept getting home at night and feel light headed.

As he told me his story, he put his hands to his head, closed his eyes and looked nauseous.

He would try eating healthy, but his stomach never felt full after eating healthy.

In fact, his doctor told him to have a powerbar at night stop cravings.

(As if a powerbar can stop cravings. Seriously, I respect doctors, but does this doctor REALLY think a powerbar will stop cravings?)

(I remember when my wrestling coach looked at me and said I needed to lose 7 lbs in one day. Was he crazy too?)

(It’s just funny how these authority figures in our lives are wrong.)

Anyways …

The powerbar didn’t do jack shit.

He’d try to eat healthy, and instead feel light headed. He’d try a powerbar.

He’d even tried a keto diet previously and had similar side effects.

But still … his belly DEMANDED he eat more food.

So this struggle had been going on for around a year!

(and for many other people I work with, much longer!)

The Tunnel Vision Mistake leads to Weight Loss Light Headed

I told this gentle man he was falling for the classic tunnel vision mistake.

This is where you focus on the problem, but ignore the context.

Like when someone insults you, you might focus on the person insulting you and get really mad.

You might do something seemingly logical in the moment, like punch this dude in the face.

Yet then, of course, you realize your in the wrong side of town and his friends are now going to beat the crap out of you.

Basically, you OverFocused on the problem, took action to solve the problem, but missed the context.

You didn’t see the big picture. You created a myth in your head.

Myths will make you get tunnel vision and you’ll miss something that made you make a foolish decision.

In this guy’s case, his foolish decision was trying to control cravings.

In weight loss terms, the myth is control over cravings, which just leads to binge eating.

Cravings Are Unstoppable When These 3 Things Happen

binge eating cycle

Notice how before cravings, there are 3 labels

  • Restriction
  • Good / Bad Foods
  • Deprivation

Here’s the bottom line:

if you reach a point of physical deprivation, your body will think it’s starving.

This guy really related to this analogy because his daughter was having a baby soon…

Ignoring your hunger is like ignoring a screaming child. It’s not going to make things better.

So first things first.

When you try to control cravings – despite being in a deprivation state – you’re in tunnel vision.

There’s no way you can win. This is why you need to ditch the diets and embrace intuitive eating.

(This is perhaps one of the biggest things I cover with people like you in the Free Strategy Session. We identify your tunnel vision and blindspots and get you clear on how you need to implement intuitive eating steps)

Avoid The Deprivation Setup At All Costs!!!!

I know you’re busy.

I know.

This guy worked construction. He’s busy too.


Well, you may have experienced it before…

In those dark moments where you lose control and just. can’t.stop.eating.

I can recall hiding in bathroom stalls after weighing in during a wrestling tournament.

There would be pressure on us to ‘make weight’ but after we made weight the pressure was off.

Sometimes I’d go hide and stuff my face in the bathroom with bread and peanut butter or whatever else we brought to the tournament.

This is the result of deprivation – you stuffing your face!

You must see this. You must see that there are ways to stop emotional binge eating.

Please know Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is a serious problem that can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

It's time you found out if you have binge eating disorder or not.

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