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12 Best Fat Burning Foods And Why You Need To Stop Dieting

Last updated on February 24, 2021

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment

You type into google “Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss”.

Your heartbeat quickens as you smile in joy. Whew! In front of your eyes you see a promising list of foods.

You have heard of these foods before.

Oh good! I’ll just get these foods next time I go to the store. Then I’ll burn fat without having to stress.

That’s what you think to yourself. So you take a screenshot and make a list:

  • Fatty Fish
  • MCT Oil
  • Coffee
  • Eggs
  • Coconut Oil
  • Green Tea
  • Whey Protein
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

If you do want said list, click here for post by WebMD.

For another list of regular healthy foods, read my post here.

best fat burning foods

Belly Fat Burning Foods

Isn’t that’s why you’re thinking about fat burning foods? To decrease that belly?

So you go to the store. Then you buy the foods.

Afterwards you feel good. Next you eat the foods.

Finally, you feel good.

You check the scale.

It went down a pound!

Wahoo!!! It’s working!!!

Incredible, positive, joyous uplifting energy surges through your core.

Finally, a simple, straightforward easy to understand way to lose weight that actually works!!!

A week later you’ve lost another 1lb.

The week after that you’ve lost another 1/2 lb. So far, so good. You’re at 2.5 lbs so far.

A week later you gain 1 lb back. The week after you lose a lb.

4 weeks now. 2.5 lbs lower than what you started at.

Something comes up. A vacation, a party, whatever.

You have a ton of fun! You enjoy yourself a bit too much. A twinge of guilt occurs. Or perhaps a major twinge of guilt …

If you are highly aware of your emotions and thoughts, you realize you’ve put the “fat burning foods” in the back of your mind.

A couple days later you aren’t even thinking about weight loss. This is what the movement of intuitive eating talks about extensively.

Foods that burn fat while you sleep

Nothing has changed. While before you were wondering about how to burn fat while you sleep … now you’re not even thinking about it!

So now, are you ready for the wheel of suffering?

Keep reading to learn about why this cycle of weight gain and weight loss is like the concept of Samsara in Buddhism and how it relates to weight loss.

Samsara btw, is commonly symbolized as a wheel of suffering.

Natural Weight Loss Is Overlooked

In Buddhism there is a common story …

A person becomes rich. And nothing changes.

They obtain everything. Their cars, houses, fame, etc.

Buddhists talk about this a lot.

You get something.

But the ‘getting’ doesn’t feel good. It isn’t worth anything.

Now don’t get me wrong. Money is fine. But I just so often times see this pattern in weight loss.

Because if you do lose the weight, it won’t stay off.

Just like someone who becomes rich through the lottery. They always lose the money a few years later.

Because no one can deny, it’s probably a good thing to have money. Even if you aren’t satisfied afterwards.

But with weight loss it’s different.

If you fail to lose weight …

  • Your confidence goes down
  • You plant deep seeds of belief that you don’t deserve attractiveness

That’s right.

Unnatural weight loss approaches like dieting or fat burning goods CAUSE YOU TO GAIN WEIGHT.

Natural weight loss is completely overlooked.

And you get harmed in the process.

But the worst part is …

This cycle repeats itself endlessly.

Here’s a startling study done by Express*.

Now just to be clear this isn’t the best scientific study.

I know so many people throw out ‘science’ these days.

This really pisses me off.

Because oftentimes they are only quoting one study.

The study hasn’t been replicated.

The study is preliminary.

But these people present their ‘science’ like it’s truth.

Bugs the hell out of me.

Anyways, this science study isn’t the best.

I just wanted to tell you that.

I want you to know that I try to admit my biases. And if I’m wrong, call me out (politely).

Anyways, the picture still stands.

Because you and I both know so many people who have tried even more than 55 diets!

Fat Loss Tip #1 – Stop Worrying About Fat Loss

The whole point of this blog …

Of my journey as a monk and counselor and trainer…

In my attempts to heal the wound in my heart …

It’s all culminating now …

To express this message:

Stop worrying about fat burning foods loss.

If you want to get out of the cycle, here is another post you can view I created about Low Carb Diet Side Effects

Eating Enlightenment
Eating Enlightenment

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