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Intention: To simply face truth without falling into shame, guilt, anxiety or hopelessness. 

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The obtained quiz result/8 you most likely do not have Binge Eating Disorder. However, you probably have emotional eating heartbreaks from time to time.

Don't react. Pause for a few seconds. Please remember your intention. 

Now hear this story: 

Once upon a time, a woman struggles with binge eating for 40 years ...

Her very soul is filled with shame, guilt, anxiety and hopelessness.

Freedom is a distant dream for her.

40 years after all is a very long time! 

40 years of trying everything and not quite getting there.


But then one day, she hears about and starts to follow one simple guideline.

Journal with awareness before you eat.

This one simple guideline unlocks her Power Of Mindfulness. 

Because simply by writing, she automatically is mindful.

She doesn't have to meditate. She just has to write before she eats.

Pretty simple, right? Write before you eat.

She's not writing calories or anything about weight. She's simply writing the truth of what she's experiencing.

Her feelings, her thoughts, what she feels in her body.

Simply by writing she automatically harnesses The Power of Mindfulness - without even needing to meditate!

The space between stimulus and reaction finally unlock 'freedom'. 

Literally like magic.

She cures her binge eating habits. In just 5 months.

She can be present for her family. Her internal critic isn't so loud and she gets promoted. 

She starts standing up for herself. Bringing her sassy spirit up to the surface for everybody to see!

She can handle it. 

And best of all, she knows that she is "100% done with binge eating. 100%. Done".

Here's the punchline: this story isn't make believe. It's true. 

We even measured her results. Started out bingeing 5x per week. 5 months later down to Ox.

We also recorded an interview for proof. She even asked me to interview her because she wanted to share her journey with you.

She wanted YOU to know HEALING is possible.

Recovery can be simple. You just need to harness the power of mindfulness to find the space between stimulus and reaction.

Freedom is within you, made infinitely easier by the power of journaling with awareness.

Mindfulness of truth is the key.

So here we go. I've condensed her full interview into just 4 minutes.

Watch the four minute interview to how she 'wrote her way to the truth' to stop binge eating (after 40 years in just 5 months)!