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7 - 8: Binge Eating Disorder:  Food is severely impacting your life. The label 'Binge Eating Disorder' is appropriate here. 

What's causing bingeing?

Bingeing is a cycle. 

You feel deprived and then give in after cravings build.

After bingeing you feel guilt and shame and you blame yourself.

Because you think it's your fault, you try again HARDER.

The harder you try, the more you restrict.

The cycle repeats.

What most people get wrong

Willpower is not the answer.

Willpower cannot heal your inner wounds.

1) Inner child wounds make you repeat Binge Eating Cycle. 

2) Journaling with awareness heals your inner child wounds.

Listen to her story, from 5 binges per week to 0, in 5 months after 44 years of binge eating:

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