Stage 4: Binge Eating Disorder

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Scores in the 7-8 range indicate Stage 4: Binge Eating Disorder.

This stage might sound very hopeless and confusing to be in.

- It is characterized by uncontrollable cravings triggered by hunger due to restriction and unpleasant emotions. 
- You watch helplessly as you self-sabotage. You just can't help yourself or stop yourself.
- You also feel disassociated from your body, like it doesn't belong to you or it's broken.

This can cause feelings of hate and judgment towards your body.

Then comes extreme feelings of guilt and shame. You try to make these feelings go away by losing weight, but ...

Your attempts at losing weight feel hopeless because these bingeing habits are in the way.

Weeks of hard work undone by a few binges.

You also know a lot about nutrition and wellness from past programs, but that’s still not enough to stop bingeing. 

Something is blocking you from being in control of what you put in your body.

Want to learn what makes you lose control of your eating?

Dieting will never work because it requires you to be control of your actions.

My name is Jared and I’m a Eating Recovery Counselor, Yoga Instructor, and Nutrition Coach.

After overcoming bingeing myself and working with others suffering, I’ve come to the conclusion:

Bingeing is only the tip of the iceberg.

Most people or programs attempt to overcome overeating only by focusing on the tip of that iceberg.

This doesn’t work because the majority of the iceberg lies below the surface!

This is why the majority of people who struggle with bingeing have been stuck in the same cycle for years.

Back when I was struggling with food, I luckily stumbled upon a powerful way to identify and melt the root causes of bingeing.
  • I finally hit rock bottom after bingeing for years after high school wrestling
  • I became living as a Buddhist Monk for 13 months. I saw 1) eating schedule and 2) mindfulness helped me to overcome binges.
  • I got over most of my binges but not fully. Then I got into therapy where I learned 3) a new evidence-based approach to heal trauma causing binge and emotional eating.

Since then I’ve created a 3-Stage method to uproot the emotional causes of binge and emotional eating which has helped countless people like you overcome out-of-control eating once and for all.

I designed the Eating Enlightenment Program, which is a 12-week program fully equipped to help you overcome bingeing and related behaviors / symptoms in the most effective way possible.
  • Focusing on the root causes of bingeing via 3-stages.
  • Many people are in disbelief at how quickly they can overcome compulsive eating without feeling overwhelmed with emotions or information.
  • A unique method combining basic nutrition and psychology via world class coaching, community and accountability "partners" with other clients working the 3 stages

Are You Ready To Learn How To Stop Binge Eating Once And For All?

Since you've taken the quiz and now know 4 facts about binge and emotional eating: 

  1. How binge eating disorder impacts approximately 1/10 people
  2. The signs and symptoms of binge eating
  3. The hidden causes of binge and emotional eating
  4. A treatment approach to binge eating which targets the underlying emotional causes of binge eating

I'm now inviting you to book a free 40 minute private online call with me, Jared Levenson, founder of Eating Enlightenment and Eating Coach, Trauma Specialist, & Recovery Counselor!

What others are saying about this proven process

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3 stages to food freedom

With the help of 3 key nutritional principles, my relationship with food has improved immensely. From not starving myself between meals and feeling satisfied when I do eat to avoiding bingeing altogether - overall I’ve achieved a much healthier approach towards nutrition!

I had long sought help from therapists and coaches, yet I was totally unprepared for the life-altering realization that came with learning internal family systems. It gave me an immense understanding of my subconscious mind and inner child's role in all aspects of my life, most notably transforming how I approached food.

Jared is an amazing coach and therapist, the likes of which I truly haven't seen before. He carries immense wisdom that has been gathered from a lifetime of walking his own path; he understands suffering while remaining composed in its presence. Every conversation with him brings understanding and trust - it's as though no judgement could ever exist between us! His guidance through life's struggles are unrivaled, providing comfort, motivation & support all at once every single time. I realize this sounds hyperbolic, but it's true!

Jared's approach was the perfect balance of understanding and firmness. He asked questions to help me better understand my behavior, but gave clear advice when I needed guidance most. Every time I stumbled along this journey, he reminded me that it was okay - instilling a sense of hope within which has allowed for real progress in re-framing how I think about myself; recognizing there is more than just one part to who we are and valuing even those parts that can often be difficult or unwanted.

My relationship with bingeing has taken on a new form; instead of food for comfort I am nurturing and protecting the strength within. In IFS they call it the "Self" and I want you to remember your own Self too. Because the energy that was once expended to keep me safe from harm is now being used for something far greater: self-empowerment! With every day comes an opportunity to be in tune with resilience, peace, and wisdom - no longer relying on external forces but rather drawing upon internal ones. A whole realm of enlightenment awaits as I stay true to this journey towards freedom.

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My name is Jared and I got my Master's Degree in Counseling because previously I struggled with binge eating and shame for over 6 years. 

I felt terribly confused about hunger, and I always carried a terrible burden - everything was my fault. 

I felt shame 24/7 and binged to cope for years.

Then, I dropped out of college I went on a journey of self-discovery, including living for 13 months without internet as a Buddhist Monk.

That’s when everything changed.

I learned the psychological root causes of bingeing and used this insight to conquer my issues, from bingeing to shame to finding my peace within. 

12 years later my healing empowerment journey continues. 

I created Eating Enlightenment to help others do the same and would be grateful to help you too.

Ready to take the next steps?