Click bottom right X to unmute to hear her recovery from bingeing.

Before your quiz results, please remember eating problems are difficult for so many millions people. 

Doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, skin color or education.

Food struggles effect us all because we've  only been taught to diet and to use willpower. 

But relying on willpower and control always BACKFIRES! Right?

Therefore, please remember new holistic eating approaches are becoming more widespread too.

The woman in the above video is proof that no matter how long you've struggled with binge eating, if you have the right approach then you can be free too.

Because she struggled for 40 years. If she can learn new techniques and mindsets to transform her unhealthy bingeing into sustainable healthy eating habits, then so can you too.

All I'm saying is don't lose hope when you see your quiz score. 


Quiz Results:

The obtained quiz result / 8

Eating Spectrum

- 1-4: Emotional eating - Keep an eye out, but don't stress too much.

- 5-6: Bingeing / Overeating -  You frequently lose control and overeat. This is a pattern but is "manageable" for now. If trends continue your long term health is in jeopardy, however.

- 7-8: Binge Eating Disorder -  Food is severely impacting your life. The label 'Binge Eating Disorder' is not meant to stigmatize or shame you, but rather to provide clarity into your eating behaviors.

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