Stage 2: Emotional Eating

Your score is The obtained quiz result points out of a possible 8.

Scores in the 3-4 range indicate stage 2: emotional eating

This stage might sound very hopeless and confusing.

I want to assure you Stage 2 is very possible to overcome. 
  • Uncontrollable cravings triggered by hunger due to restriction and unpleasant emotions. 
  • Helplessly self-sabotage. You just can't help yourself or stop yourself. 
  • Feel dissociated from your body, like it doesn't belong to you, or you're broken. 
Stage 2 symptoms cause feelings of hate and blame towards your body and self-esteem.

Then comes extreme feelings of guilt and shame.

You try to make these feelings go away by losing weight and being good, but ...

Your attempts at losing weight and being good are hopeless because a "part of you" makes you lose control and self-sabotage! 

Something is blocking you from being in control of what you eat.

Want to learn what makes you lose control of your eating?

Dieting will never work because it requires you to be control of your actions.

But you can never be in control of your actions 100% until you address the part of you that makes you lose control.

My name is Jared and I’m a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, with years of experience working in Eating Disorder treatment centers, private practice, and learning from world class experts.

After overcoming binge eating myself after nearly a decade, and since then working with countless others suffering, I’ve come to the conclusion:

Bingeing is only one part of you. But YOU are MORE than bingeing.

Most people or programs attempt to overcome bingeing by trying to cut out this part of you, but fail to change your underlying identity.

Because deep down you are still the same person, "cutting" out bingeing with willpower or even meditation doesn’t work!

Because you have to heal bingeing at the root though transformation of your identity, otherwise it'll grow back like a weed!

This is why the majority of people who struggle with binging have been stuck in the same cycle for years.

Deep down, they are the same person they always were.

Back when I was struggling with food, I luckily stumbled upon a powerful way to melt the root causes of bingeing.

I had been binge eating after learning bad habits while wrestling in highschool. I became so desperate I became a Zen Monk for 13 months.

Since then I’ve created the Eating Enlightenment Program, which is a 12-week program to help you heal the deepest roots of binging.

We use journaling to increase our mindfulness 'see' all these parts of you. Once you can really see the bingeing part of you in a compassionate way, you shift your identity profoundly.  

This program has helped countless people like you heal binge eating once and for all.

Many people are in disbelief at how quickly they can free themselves from binge and emotional eating..

Many people have been through my program and they all say they’ve never seen this approach anywhere else.

I’m inviting you to a 45 minute conversation where we can learn how this program can help you Shift Your Identity and Heal The Root Causes of Binge Eating!

What others say about the Eating Enlightenment program

Before I started these calls, I was overwhelmed with information on the Internet about how to stop bingeing. It has been immensely helpful to be taught how to journal and the reason why I’m journaling. Also, learning how to journal on a step-by-step basis made it not an overwhelming task. I have been able to pinpoint multiple times when I would normally have binged because I paused and took time to journal, I was able to avoid it entirely.

The first word that comes to mind is NORMAL. At week 6, I noticed a significant change, and it was my breakthrough. Before week 6&7, it was my internal dialogue. I could NOT say ‘no’ to binge eating even when I was full. That has all changed now because I realized it is so much more than just telling myself ‘no.’ The method here that goes beyond saying ‘no’ to myself is journaling… while every method had some value, I’d say journaling was the missing piece to my success

Working with Jared made me believe that food does not have power over me—it is fuel. I always thought it was wrong to feel and process anger and many other emotions. I was taught to “soldier on,” and this seems effective, but ultimately it steers you away from the true information source which is our emotions. It is life-changing to truly understand that emotions are sources of information, not pain.

My bingeing got so bad that I was easily spending over $200 a week just on food for myself from restaurants. My body was on the brink of growing out of all the clothes I had, and I had no other online store that would have had any bigger sizes. I used to believe that I would get bigger and bigger until I became disabled and chronically ill. I was surprised by how effective journaling was at breaking the cycle of my thoughts around food and stressful events.

I did continue to journal and access my eating patterns and my feelings when I ate. I can proudly say I haven’t binged for about a month! I’m so proud of myself and you were a big part of this journey in my life. I want you to know you did help me a lot in the time we did work together.

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My name is Jared and I’m a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. 

Previously, I struggled with binge eating and marijuana addiction for over 6 years. 

I grew up in an autistic family environment, so I never learned about emotions or my body.

I felt terribly confused about hunger, how to connect to my body and I always carried a terrible burden - everything was my fault

Because I never got the love I needed as a child, I blamed myself and thought I was broken.

I dropped out of college I went on a journey of self-discovery, including living for 13 months without internet as a Buddhist Monk.

That’s when everything changed, when I experienced "Eating Enlightenment" for myself!

I learned the psychological root causes of binging and used this insight to heal my 'parts'. 

Previously I tried to kill my 'binge' part, but now I could heal this part of me!

I created Eating Enlightenment to help others do the same and would be grateful to help you too.

Ready to take the next steps?